The Borderlands,

An untamed wild region far flung from the comforts and protection of civilization. A lone fortified keep is the only bastion of Good desperately striving to maintain the forces of Chaos at bay. Evil is everywhere dark caves, fetid swamps and forlorn forests. Bands of cutthroat brigands and ruthless tribes of humanoids eager to clash […]


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Striving for perfection

Long ago there the dwarven kingdom of Fullkomnun. They produced some of the finest architecture and stonework anywhere in the world, but for them it was never good enough. Of all the guilds Murstin were the best. Some were rumored to even have mastery over the living stone itself. Their obsession drove them to strive […]

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Beware Dark Waters

I’ve had this idea for an anglerfish type monster that would lure people into the water and finally wrote it down. This is the first monster I have created and statted for DCC RPG Drowning Man Init +5 Atk “Bite” +3 (1D8 teeth) Tail thrash +1 (1d6) AC 13 HD 3d6 MV 50’ swim 10’ […]

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Doom of the Savage Kings

We started running Doom of the Savage Kings by Harley Stroh from Goodman Games, with a good sized crew of first level survivors from Portal Under the Stars. The party met the procession taking Morgan Haverson to the standing stones as a sacrifice to the Hound.  After asking for some divine inspiration they offered themselves […]

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Basements …. rats!

Ahh the classic basement o’ rats.  What do tavern owners keep down here that is so enticing to rats.   Stored food? Booze? Maybe they should start reinforcing the walls. Inevitably the party will come across a basement full of rats or that will lead to a rat infested adventure.  My thinking is why does it […]

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Well some more adventure !!

Sometimes you make an awesome post on time… Sometimes you don’t.   Well here goes nothing… this relates back to the house with flowers growing around the door. ————————————————————————————————————————————– You approach the second house but there are no flowers growing around the door here.  Though a strange vine does frame the door closely.  The door swings […]

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And along came a spider,

Giant spiders are one of those great things in fantasy.  There is an old fear that spiders inspire even if they are only an inch or 2 across.  Now just make it bigger. Their features are unnerving. You look up and find yourself  staring into black lifeless eyes. Their long chitinous, hairy legs click along […]

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Nostalgia dragons

 I watched the classic Rankin/Bass movie flight of dragons the other day.   I had completely forgotten this classic.  It was a fun journey revisiting it.  The cast was amazing.  I was telling my wife, “Hey it’s Colonel Potter!” When hearing Harry Morgan as the green Wizard Carolinus.  John Ritter and James Earl Jones were great too.  […]

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I drew a thing

I was doodling and ended up drawing a thing… looks like an interesting ending either the guy is going to have a bad time or an epic calamari dinner..  I do scribble drawings on occasion. Sometimes they come out into something interesting but i’m horrible at drawing people so usually they have to be on […]

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