Well some more adventure !!

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Sometimes you make an awesome post on time… Sometimes you don’t.   Well here goes nothing…

this relates back to the house with flowers growing around the door.


You approach the second house but there are no flowers growing around the door here.  Though a strange vine does frame the door closely.  The door swings open easily revealing the dimly lit room inside. Two figures sit at the table. Their slow raspy breathing the only sounds coming from the room. As you enter the smell of moldy plants and earth fill your nostrils. The entire room is covered with a fine mesh of filaments almost like roots but stretching between the walls and roof.  The figures stand up the sunlight coming through the small window revealing the humanoid plant creatures wearing clothing of the previous occupants.  They lunge towards you. 


Ok I swear i’ll have a stat block by next week 🙂

The tendrils have a paralyzing touch any charachter coming on contact needs a DC 10 fort save or have that limb become numb if contact with the head the charachter is knocked unconscious for 1D6 rounds.  If a character is rendered unconscious or immobile by the roots they will start to burrow into the character to convert them into a plant creature.  1D4 Damage per round they are in the room if they die they will be replaced by a humanoid plant.


And along came a spider,

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Giant spiders are one of those great things in fantasy.  There is an old fear that spiders inspire even if they are only an inch or 2 across.  Now just make it bigger. Their features are unnerving. You look up and find yourself  staring into black lifeless eyes. Their long chitinous, hairy legs click along the ground in an almost unnatural grace. They spin webs that can leave the strongest warriors helpless.  Long black fangs, dripping with noxious venom, ready to pierce armor and flesh .  A lot of people just have this reaction.




I enjoy playing with spiders in game they are extremely adaptable. They can be used in a hive type setting with workers serving a queen or as solitary enemies waiting for prey to carelessly trap themselves. I enjoy using clusters of spiders lots of webs to set the scene and then spiders can come from multiple locations catching and biting in an enclosed space that just gets tighter because of the webs.  Another good thing is they can take combat into 3 dimensions without adding flying to the game.   They can pull allies up into trees or caverns via webs or just grabbing them and running up a wall.  I really like spiders in many settings and they will always have a place at my table.


The humid air was stifling. Sweat poured down the back of Nine Lives Clay plastering his hair to his face.  “At least the damned flies and bugs had let up, ” he sighed to himself and took a long swig from his water skin.  This part of the jungle was exhausting, but Clay was sure the Jaguar King’s treasure was close. Another strange bird called from the treetops.  The native people had warned him of Okkruro, but that was just some old superstition, a long dead god.  Their priest could not even offer simple healing to his companion. So Clay pressed on and he thought about this Okkruro. The sweat stung his eyes as he walked. Leaves and vines sticking to his clothing making his progress slower and slower. What was Okkruro.  The jungle was silent save for the strange chirping from above but he could not see any birds in the dense canopy . Clay’s breath caught and he felt a pang of fear as if he was begin watched.  Was this god not so dead and easily dismissed. Clay tried to push through the underbrush but it seemed to grasp and hold to his clothing.  Thorns stuck in exposed flesh and vines tangled in his gear. Clay reached up to move a large leaf in his way. The legs spread out between trees easily 30 feet apart.  Eyes glittered black and venom dripped from dagger like fangs as it descended upon its victim placed carefully on the altar.  It made excited chirping sounds as it readied for its meal.  Clay watched in horror and then shuddered when he heard something chirp right behind him.

Nostalgia dragons

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 I watched the classic Rankin/Bass movie flight of dragons the other day.   I had completelyp6243_p_v8_aa forgotten this classic.  It was a fun journey revisiting it.  The cast was amazing.  I was telling my wife, “Hey it’s Colonel Potter!” When hearing Harry Morgan as the green Wizard Carolinus.  John Ritter and James Earl Jones were great too.  The thing I truly loved was the real feel of an epic quest.  Its something that i feel does not get done in movies as much anymore.  Ommadon is bad and they need to go on a quest to defeat him.  I loved the way the party was built very organically.  The armored knight arrives and they go off later joined by a wolf creature, a ranger and an elf.  Together the group arrives at a tavern and fight a powerful enemy. Then they travel to the dark land and face the armies and finally the big bad himself.  Its a classic story of good vs evil.  There was no investigation into Ommadon’s motivations.  He was not a tragic misunderstood person he was just bad and wanted all the power.  The heroes were heroes fighting to save the world.  There was no backstory about how they are redeeming themselves for some past sins.   I know that view is sort of unpopular right now and it makes the characters “2 dimensional” but sometimes you just need to see heroes taking on the bad guys.  It did have some great quotes as well.

Sir Orin Neville Smythe: Blade with whom I have lived, blade with whom I now die, serve right and justice one last time, seek one last heart of evil, still one last life of pain. Cut well, old friend, and then farewell.

Ommadon: Come devils, witches, demons, ogres, trolls, sandmerks, harpies, ghouls, sorcerers!

Peter Dickenson: Come algebra, anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, geometry, mathematics, meteorology, mineralology, oceanography, paleontology, physics, psychology, sociology, trigonometry, and zoology!


This is a wonderful classic fantasy movie and really inspired a lot of the fun RPG D&D games that my friends and I enjoyed.

I drew a thing

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I was doodling and ended up drawing a thing… looks like an interesting ending either the guy is going to have a bad time or an epic calamari dinner..  I do scribble drawings on occasion. Sometimes they come out into something interesting but i’m horrible at drawing people so usually they have to be on a huge scale so the people are acceptable as stick figures.

Sitting in the common room of the tavern a young boy inspects a woodcarving hung on the wall.   He asks his father ” Father, What is this?”  His father replies, “Ahh, This shows the battle between Armazz the Impossible and the deep one Ethedun. It was said that once a generation Armazz would face Ethedun and send him back to the depths to sleep and not trouble mankind again. Should Armazz fail to appear Ethedun would come out of the sea and devour all mankind. ”  They rode out the next morning travelling in their cart along the craggy cliffs near the sea. The boy spied a lone standing stone as they rounded a bend before turning towards the main road to head inland.  His face was pale and his hands shook.  The name on the tombstone read …Armazz.

Sunken Tower

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I had been thinking about this a long time a ruined tower.  Though Instead of it reaching into the sky and slowly crumbling this one had been sunk into the ground with only the very top showing.  How did it get there ?  Was it struck down by a giant or displeased god ? Did an angry demon draw it closer to itself?  Did a wizard living there fail at an experiment and the tower fell into the ground barely saved before sinking completely ?


Sleep is for the weak …

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Ok fine so i’m weak heheheh i needs me sleep so this will be short.  I swear i’ll put more adventure stuff up this is a terrible RPG blog since I’ve only posted one RPG bit in it… I am a master procrastinator ..   BTW finally saw Star Trek Discovery and its pretty good though this timeline should be happening after everything else no retconning needed no explaining away advanced tech and alien races that were not in TOS or TNG just this is all happening after so there….


The party crests a hill and looks down on a small hamlet.  There is smoke coming from some of the chimneys and they can faintly hear sounds of rural life but the road that passes through the town is strangely empty.  There is no livestock in the pens.  As you approach closer the smell of cooking foods and fresh bread waft to your nostrils. All the houses look similar rustic construction likely one room family cottages with small gardens nearby.  A few larger fields have been tended recently but no people are in them now.   The door to each house has small red flowers growing on vines around the entrance. 

Close inspection of the houses will cause the sounds near the house to go silent. Close inspection of the flowers has a 10% chance to trigger sleep spores or poison darts (DC 10 Fort )  On a DC 15 int check the part member will notice that there is a fine dusting of white powder following the path of the smoke from any chimney it is inert.

So Retro!!

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OMG its tiny!!! Super happy nerd face !! 

I got a SNES Classic Edition today !!! woot i planned better and didn’t miss it by 2 people in line ahead of me this time like the NES classic.   I sat dow to play a couple games and wow they were stisfying.   The hardware is super tiny very light but still great.  The cords for the controllers were still pretty short and a long HDMI cable would probably be a good thing.  One thing i did notice I have an unpowered switcher and the system does not push enough power for that as well as the regular signal so it did have to be plugged directly into the TV.  It fired right up and I was greeted by a nice splash screen and quickly got into Super Mario World.   The controllers felt smaller i’m not sure if thats because they are or just my hands are bigger. Though the gameplay was so good and was right back at home right away.  I played through world 1 and then switch to super metroid.  I had fond memories of this game and i really remember being better at it.   I probably just need some practice to get back into it.


One of the greats

Finally heheh Final Fantasy 3.  There is something satisfying about the JPRG combat system and hearing that classic victory fanfare play after each battle.   This system really lives up to the hope of nostalgia and I know I’m going enjoy revisiting these games.  I really hope Nintendo produces enough to keep up with demand and stop the scum scalpers.