Nice weekend, Sea World and Chillin

Sea world on Saturday.  We used to have sea world passes when we were living in Clairemont and since we moved to Escondido we decided to go with Zoo/ Wild Animal Park passes. Those are fine and i like watching the animals  at both places but I did miss Sea World. So we decided to get passes again.  Now sea world has a conservation society membership which is $56 to start and $7 / month.  So anyways we got to Sea World a bit after they opened and headed right to the new Shamu show and it was Shamu Showy.  The usual talking about one wold one ocean etc then jumping whales.   We sat right in front and my son was a bit nervous about getting wet (he’s 3) but we had a towel so he was able to shield himself from most of the heavy splash and thought it was a great game.  Then off to look around at  some of the other exhibits.  I was a bit bummed that the entire bat ray shallows was closed off they are putting in a new roller coaster next summer called manta. The new turtle reef was nice and brought about a whole string of “you so totally rock dude!”   The Blue Horizons dolphin show was great again i thought Sea World did a great job putting this show together the choreography and stunts and animals make it a really fun show. After that since it was soo hot it was time to cool off and let mom and dad rest so we went to the splash zone and the waterworks was off.  So we went on some rides and got way to dizzy.  by the time those were don the water works were back on and he was about 10 seconds before he was soaked and loving it . Finished the day with a sea lion and otter show which is one of the funniest and occasionally unintentionally spontaneous shows at the park.  Headed home to pass out even down by the water it was pretty hot on Saturday.  Sunday was a nice and chill played some League of Legends and other games.  We also watched Tangled and the Wife and I watched Priest,  but more on those later.

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