Firefall Free MMO FPS

Just saw a trailer Firefall by Red5 Studios and signed up for the beta looks like it could be alot of fun

I like the cell shaded graphics and the trailer definitely looks awesome  we’ll see what happens when the beta opens or it becomes available


Update:  ok i just read a press release by Red5 by Mark Kern CEO of Red5 Studios and am very impressed by this plan :  “To explain our launch process further. We already consider ourselves “launched.” We will not have a traditional beta, open beta, launch process. We no longer feel this makes sense in a modern, online, service oriented business, especially a free2play game. Instead, we have modeled our launch after G-mail’s invite system.”  I think this is awesome!!!  I am really hoping this works out. This would be an awesome way to get people invested in the beta process or even ending the traditional beta process completely.

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