The real gaming budget

I was looking at the games i play and thinking about what does it really take to play a game.  My wall of shame,  really i consider my steam games, is now at about 90 .  90 games i have paid for but never finished some I have never even played. Just bought and set on the virtual shelf to play later when i have some time to get into it.   That is really the most scarce commodity that older gamers deal with  Time.

I am married with a 3 year old and those responsibilities eat up alot of time.  My day tends to be pretty long and I try to squeeze every last drop of gaming time out of the day and even beyond what I really should.  The usual day is about 12 hours between getting up working and getting home diner etc  weekends often are not much better there are chores,  honeydo’s, garden, activities etc and next thing you know its nighttime again time for bed.  Sometimes conditions are ideal nights gaming is fun 2-3 hours of immersion into worlds where i can do anything and spend a good amount of time destressing before my eyes start burning a bit the yawns are coming as fast as the enemies and its time to head to bed.  More often than not there is something to do and i can hope to jump into a meat grinder session of battlefield bad company 2 or team fortress for 30minutes,  or get one 30-45 minute match of league of legends in.

As my son gets older we can share some gaming fun together and my wife is often willing to give some games a try.  Good games are coming out all the time and the couple hours every few nights in a week definitely makes the wall of shame loom for a long time to come.  The choices of what to play must be made carefully and those games that can be beaten but overall can take anywhere from 10-40 hours or those that offer ongoing gaming and no distinct story but hours of ongoing gameplay .  I know people who ignore spouses and kids to game and i feel that is very irresponsible and those gamers give gaming a bad name.  Money while a limited resource can be created again time is really the ultimate thing that must be budgeted and used wisely.  Then again there is always coffee 😉


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