A look at Blizzard Future?

So here is the scenario.

Oct 2011

Blizzard Grabs up a ton of Annual Passes say 10% of their current subscription base, and entices a good amount of users back and signing them up for 1 year no matter what.

Jan 2012

Diablo 3 comes out everyone jumps in.  Due to annual passes none of the annual pass users cancel their subscriptions  for a couple months to play Diablo.  Real money auction house commerce starts up and starts generating decent  money.

March  2012

 Mists of Pandaria beta A lot of pets are made tradable for the new pet battle arena .. In the beta only   Annual pass                            users are able to jump into Beta.  Starter version of wow raises level cap to 40 and Outland content is now available                               plus group and trading restrictions are lifted

June    2012

Pets are made permanently tradable and real money auction house opens for WoW for pet items and  pet trading. Level cap for starter goes to  60  – DC UO goes F2P

Oct 2012

   Blizzcon 2012 Announcement WoW is going F2P in 2013  Mists of Pandaria  and Diablo 3 free to Annual Pass members who sign up again   Plus guaranteed access to Titan beta  for Annual Pass members who re-up.  Real money Ation house opens for all items. Micro- transactions revealed  for WoW.  – RIFT goes F2P

Dec 2012

Mists of Pandaria Released :  Annual Pass members get immediate access regular subscribers can purchase for $40

Jan 2013

WoW and Diablo 3 go fully F2P $15/mo VIP access incl free access to all previous expansions and mists available for $30  or F2P players can buy expansions for $10 or $20 etc Titan rumored to be F2P  F2P VIP type access for subscribers who still want to pay $15/month or new content available for microtransaction cost

These predictions are my own idea and should not be taken as any rumor from Blizzard/Activision though if you feel like starting rumors based on these predictions who am I to argue 🙂

Update:  sorry had to tweak some formatting stuff 🙂

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