Shadowrun Journals

My bi-weekly gaming group has been playing shadowrun for the last couple of sessions.  In between sessions myself and some of the other players like to fill in some of the role playing with some creative writing.  These are the journals of my charachter Shanka Duvalier aka Doctor Blue.  He is a Troll Shaman that unfortunately has gremlins and a bit of bad luck. 


Shanka Duvalier’s journal.

Bout time dis ting started workin right. Dont know what sharkey did but at least i can get de recording goin again. Sometimes I dont know why I left the Island. My mom said that trolls like us gotta find a way. When the superstitious norms blamed us for the outbreak and ran through the town i though i was finished. Then the spirits started speakin ta me. I made my way around for a while helping out at one of the tourist places.

One day those nice corp guys come in offer me a cushy job just help em with some experiments and talk to the spirits for them. They told me they were doing good, helping people. stuff just wuld not work right though. Equipment failed wierd stuff just happend then one day one of the secure maglocked doors shorted out and i dont knwo why but i went in. what a fool i was. They were ** static buzz** damn ting.. Well just like that i was out tey took my place and left me stranded in seatlle of all places cold rainy and on the street.
I was able to make a few creds helping people and puttin on little street shows but just didnt know where to go next. Then this chicka comes looking for me, may have a bit of a job. when I got to the place it was well better than under the bridge. Th other guys are lookin pretty ratty too gear boy, quickblade, and the ex-mil says hes a sniper but i tell yah de booze he buys would not make the best offerin. they say we need to take on a wendigo maybe bring some good back into this world.



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