Once there was a clockwork robot named Tick-Tock and his job was to go around the town fixing and winding all the clocks. He would get up very early and wind all the clocks in town so everyone could get up on time and go to school and work.  He went about his work every day with a tick tock tick tock and before he went to bed at night he would wind himself so he would have lots of energy for the next day.  One night however he forgot to wind himself and by the end of the next day he was going slower and slower tick … tock …. tick …  Then Tick-Tock didn’t tock .  He was stuck and it was the middle of the night so nobody was around to help him.   He was worried that everyone would be late to school and work because their clocks would not be wound up in the morning. The sky started to get lighter and lighter and Tick-Tock grew more and more worried. A little boy who always seems to wake up early noticed all the clocks had stopped and he wondered where Tick-Tock was. He put on his robe and slippers and, even though it was still a bit chilly, went to look for Tick-Tock. The boy found the clockwork robot in the street and not ticking or tocking. “Tick-Tock?” he said. And he could barely hear a small voice whisper “Help! All the people will be late for school and work, can you wind me please?”  The boy was very small and the key on Tick-Tock’s back was very high up but he found an old crate and climbed up. He grabbed the key with both hands and turned,  and turned, and turned until he could not turn anymore. Then he flicked the switch on Tick-Tock and suddenly Tick-Tock was ticking and tocking like crazy.  Ticktockticktockticktock.  He moved like the wind ticktockticktockticktock  and said “thank you little boy”  Ticktockticktockticktock as he ran through the town faster than he ever had and wound all the clocks just before the sun came up over the mountains. Suddenly all the clocks rang and cuckooed all at the same time DING DONG DING DONG CUCKOO CUCKOOO.   Everyone made it to school and work on time because the little boy had saved the day.  So every year Tick-Tock the clockwork robot lets himself wind down and a little boy who always seems to wake up early goes and winds him up so all the clocks will ring and cuckoo at the same time.  


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