The Chomp

There once was a superhero named the Chomp. He had a very large mouth and big teeth that were perfect for chomping. One day there was an apple pie eating contest in the town The Chomp was from with the winner to be crowned king of the apple festival.  Suddenly, an alien ship came out of the sky and everyone was afraid.  A huge booming voice came from the ship “Surrender people of earth for I will be your king.”  The mayor standing on the podium said “But only the person that wins the apple pie eating contest can be the king.”  “So be it” said the voice from the spaceship. A beam of light shone from the ship and a blue alien with 2 mouths came down.  The people all were very worried, how could they beat someone who had 2 mouths? No one could win against him!  From out of the sky with a whoosh and a swoosh came The Chomp.  He landed at the other end of the table and said “I will defeat you, Alien Menace! You cannot take over the world.”   The pies were brought out and everyone took their positions.   Little Jimmy, Suzie, Principal Jenkins all started eating as fast as they could.  The Chomp ate a pie whole with a big chomp.  The Alien Menace picked up 2 pies and ate them both in 2 bites.   Little Jimmy could not eat another bite after 2 pies. Suzie had to stop after 3 because her tummy started to hurt.  Principal Jenkins only made it to 5 pies until his stomach hurt too.  The Alien Menace and The Chomp kept going; 10, 15, 20 pies!  Everyone was worried The Chomp might not be able to win.  The Alien Menace was looking a bit woozy after 25 pies. Then The Chomp got to 30 pies and asked for a glass of milk.  The Alien Menace also asked for some milk but he was starting to look a bit more green than blue.  He slowly raised the glass to his mouth and then went hurk! and  fell over his tummy was sticking way out and he could not  get up.   “Uuugh my tummy hurts” he cried.  The Chomp drank his milk and let out a loud burp ” Excuse me” he said.  Everyone cheered and the mayor put the apple king crown on The Chomp.  The Alien Menace was defeated and went back into his spaceship and headed back to the stars.  

The End ?

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