A Halloween Bedtime Story

A long time ago there was a man name Jack who was being scared by ghosts. They would come to his door and knock-knock. When Jack opened the door they would yell “Boo!” Jack would scream and hide under his bed. The ghosts would laugh and laugh.  One Halloween Jack found a nice big round pumpkin in his garden and he had a great idea.  He took the pumpkin inside, carved a super scary face into it and then put a candle inside. It was so scary it even scared Jack’s cat.  He waited by his door that night until he heard the knock-knock.  The door opened and the ghosts saw the super scary glowing face.  The ghosts screamed and flew away into the night.  Hearing the ruckus the neighbors came over to Jack’s house and seeing his scary pumpkin they called it Jack’s Lantern.  When they knocked on the door Jack gave them all a small bag of pumpkin seeds as a treat.  Jack told everyone how he tricked the ghosts and loved to give treats.  The next Halloween all the kids dressed up as ghosts and went to trick Jack but he gave them all nice treats he made.  So every Halloween we carve pumpkins calling them Jack O’ Lanterns and go from door to door in costume saying “Trick or Treat”. 

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