A letter to sister From Kairon Starcaller

Our D&D games have started again and the tradition or getting a bit of extra role playing in through creative writing is also starting up.  I actually missed the first session of this  adventure with the group but that does not mean i have to sit out completely until next game 🙂 

My dearest sister, 

What an interesting night.  More like interesting morning.  As i had written you previously the starfall had happened last night as predicted.  I had taken up my ususal perch on the upper southern balcony at the arcane academy here in Arncor.  I had also procured a fine bottle of wine and bit of pipeleaf to relax and enjoy an enchanting night.  The Baneid starfall promised to be one of the finest in years.  This balcony is truly the best part of this academy.  The old fools still believe pouring over ancient tomes is the true way to power.  Rituals and crude manipulation of the forces around us barely scratch the surface.  Event the old astrology master didn’t know what was staring him right in the face.  There are far more  ancient and secret sources.   I do love sitting up here listening to the silent song of the deep night,  the ancient whispered names of the stars.  Of course most of the overly superstitious population was cowering in their homes not because of course Bane’s night is a night of evil and no one wants to bring that upon their houses.  I apologize for rambling again but as i was saying.  Dawns light had come again dimming the vast reaches of the night and my bottle was empty and I was ready to turn in.  Then out of no where a most motley crew making a great racket near the front gates of the city, and so early in the morning too.  Through my watchglass I observed an Eladrin cleric I believe,  she wore the sigil of the moon Goddess Sehanine.  She was leading a mage bound hand and foot.  Come to think of it he looked familiar, I believe he was kicked out of this very academy some time ago.  Must have fallen in with a bad crowd. Anyways she was leading a group of toughs, probably adventurers by the looks of them.  A human woodsman, he looked more worried about entering the city than the other,  most likely he feels more at home in a tree than in a nice feather bed.   One appeared to be a halfling, rouge of some sort, his wary eye kept a lookout even while they were talking to the guards.   This will shock you a bit the last in the group was a Teifling.  She was a surprise i was not sure until she lowered her hood but unmistakable though she was in an absolute shamble her armor and weapons were in need of a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately I was a bit too far away to hear what exactly they were saying but the Captain of the Guard was soon called then the whole lot was marched off to see the magistrate.  At that point the wine had worn off completely and weariness had won out over curiosity.  Something tells me this will not be the last I see of this group. Well i should be off again the astrology master will likely need me to assist with his research and may want a report of last night’s starfall.  Maybe I’ll make some inquiries later today.  I look forward to hearing from you soon give mother my love. 

Love Always


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