Jet Brothers

Once there were 2 Jet Brothers and they loved flying super fast.  So fast the would fly faster than the speed of sound and make sonic booms.   They both loved to hear the crack-BOOOM.   The only problem was the people living nearby would wake up or jump when they heard the BOOM.  They told the jets to quiet down and fly slower which was not as much fun.

One day some giant monster pigs came to the city. They started eating everythign they could find.  All the food the grass even the trees.  The people tried poking them with sticks and yelling at them even tried honking thier car horns but nothing would scare them off.  The mayor ran to the airport as fast as he could.  Please jets you have to fly super fast and make a big boom to scare the pigs away .  The jets were not sure they could fly that fast anymore,  but they said, “Lets do this” They flew high up in the sky and came down as fast as they ever had.  Their wings started to shake and their jets glowed red and then suddenly Crack-BOOOM.  The sonic boom sounded loud over the town and all the pigs went SQEEEEEE!!!! and ran away as fast as they could. When they stopped running they were in the dump and found all the trash they could eat and the people of the town cheered for the Jet Brothers.

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