What is this ?

Its like i keep wandering by randomly to this thing.   I swear i have great ideas and eventually I’ll write them down and not make more excuses like I’m too busy or too tired.  Anyways I have been having ideas about the content ‘m going to post.  So here goes a bit the first will be the evolution of an adventure I first tried out and ran recently at the weekly DCCRPG game.   The writing will be rough and sort of brainstormy but maybe it will get better ?


The seed drifts through the void.  Endless. Cold. Alone. Waiting. It passes near a planet again. It has passed this way countless times the warm sun caressing the seed.  The lush planet below tantalizingly close but forever out of reach.  After an age drifting this time something is different.   A shadow passes over the seed and it is plunged into frigid darkness, but something is different. It begins to awaken. The warm lush planet pulls it closer.

Something is different today.  Aubrey is not sure but the cow and chickens seem to be on edge today. The sky grows colder almost like dusk and the birds begin to sing yet Aubrey is not done with her morning chores.  Suddenly the hamlet is plunged into darkness.  She looks skyward and the sun has disappeared.  A black void surrounded by a wreath of fire is all that remains.  She is frozen in fear as a fireball streaks across the sky.



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