So Retro!!

OMG its tiny!!! Super happy nerd face !! 

I got a SNES Classic Edition today !!! woot i planned better and didn’t miss it by 2 people in line ahead of me this time like the NES classic.   I sat dow to play a couple games and wow they were stisfying.   The hardware is super tiny very light but still great.  The cords for the controllers were still pretty short and a long HDMI cable would probably be a good thing.  One thing i did notice I have an unpowered switcher and the system does not push enough power for that as well as the regular signal so it did have to be plugged directly into the TV.  It fired right up and I was greeted by a nice splash screen and quickly got into Super Mario World.   The controllers felt smaller i’m not sure if thats because they are or just my hands are bigger. Though the gameplay was so good and was right back at home right away.  I played through world 1 and then switch to super metroid.  I had fond memories of this game and i really remember being better at it.   I probably just need some practice to get back into it.

One of the greats

Finally heheh Final Fantasy 3.  There is something satisfying about the JPRG combat system and hearing that classic victory fanfare play after each battle.   This system really lives up to the hope of nostalgia and I know I’m going enjoy revisiting these games.  I really hope Nintendo produces enough to keep up with demand and stop the scum scalpers.

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