Sleep is for the weak …

Ok fine so i’m weak heheheh i needs me sleep so this will be short.  I swear i’ll put more adventure stuff up this is a terrible RPG blog since I’ve only posted one RPG bit in it… I am a master procrastinator ..   BTW finally saw Star Trek Discovery and its pretty good though this timeline should be happening after everything else no retconning needed no explaining away advanced tech and alien races that were not in TOS or TNG just this is all happening after so there….


The party crests a hill and looks down on a small hamlet.  There is smoke coming from some of the chimneys and they can faintly hear sounds of rural life but the road that passes through the town is strangely empty.  There is no livestock in the pens.  As you approach closer the smell of cooking foods and fresh bread waft to your nostrils. All the houses look similar rustic construction likely one room family cottages with small gardens nearby.  A few larger fields have been tended recently but no people are in them now.   The door to each house has small red flowers growing on vines around the entrance. 

Close inspection of the houses will cause the sounds near the house to go silent. Close inspection of the flowers has a 10% chance to trigger sleep spores or poison darts (DC 10 Fort )  On a DC 15 int check the part member will notice that there is a fine dusting of white powder following the path of the smoke from any chimney it is inert.

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