I drew a thing


I was doodling and ended up drawing a thing… looks like an interesting ending either the guy is going to have a bad time or an epic calamari dinner..  I do scribble drawings on occasion. Sometimes they come out into something interesting but i’m horrible at drawing people so usually they have to be on a huge scale so the people are acceptable as stick figures.

Sitting in the common room of the tavern a young boy inspects a woodcarving hung on the wall.   He asks his father ” Father, What is this?”  His father replies, “Ahh, This shows the battle between Armazz the Impossible and the deep one Ethedun. It was said that once a generation Armazz would face Ethedun and send him back to the depths to sleep and not trouble mankind again. Should Armazz fail to appear Ethedun would come out of the sea and devour all mankind. ”  They rode out the next morning travelling in their cart along the craggy cliffs near the sea. The boy spied a lone standing stone as they rounded a bend before turning towards the main road to head inland.  His face was pale and his hands shook.  The name on the tombstone read …Armazz.


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