Well some more adventure !!

Sometimes you make an awesome post on time… Sometimes you don’t.   Well here goes nothing…

this relates back to the house with flowers growing around the door.


You approach the second house but there are no flowers growing around the door here.  Though a strange vine does frame the door closely.  The door swings open easily revealing the dimly lit room inside. Two figures sit at the table. Their slow raspy breathing the only sounds coming from the room. As you enter the smell of moldy plants and earth fill your nostrils. The entire room is covered with a fine mesh of filaments almost like roots but stretching between the walls and roof.  The figures stand up the sunlight coming through the small window revealing the humanoid plant creatures wearing clothing of the previous occupants.  They lunge towards you. 


Ok I swear i’ll have a stat block by next week 🙂

The tendrils have a paralyzing touch any charachter coming on contact needs a DC 10 fort save or have that limb become numb if contact with the head the charachter is knocked unconscious for 1D6 rounds.  If a character is rendered unconscious or immobile by the roots they will start to burrow into the character to convert them into a plant creature.  1D4 Damage per round they are in the room if they die they will be replaced by a humanoid plant.


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