Epic Dungeon Crawl Classics Funnel.

I got to the game store at 5pm to get setup for the game.   Some kids who were there hanging out asked me “what are you playing?”  Of course, I explained it and said want to play let’s go and handed them each a set of 0-levels (thanks Purple Sorcerer) They said they could only stay until 6pm which is the usual start time and we got started. So, I figure I’ll run them through a couple encounters and deaths before the other players go there.  we started and another of the adult players showed up as they were trying to figure out the door. I love kids because after the first one tried to force the door and got zapped another kid was like “ok I’m going to run at the door full speed and break it down.”  He failed and got zapped too.  Then one of the locksmiths made his intelligence check and figured out the trick with the door.  More of the adult players showed up and jumped into the party and walked into the statue room which resulted in 3 skewered peasants.  The party tossed a goat into the Statue room to see what would happen when the goat wandered up to the statue and nothing happened the group moved into the room.  The first peasant that tried to leave the room was promptly fried.  The more of the players showed up and made the full table of 10. As the statue stated to swing around one group of peasants decided to plug the hole where the flames came out climbing up and jamming a spike into the hole.  The resulting explosion killed several more peasants and then the group split into 3.  The first group of the kids went into the room with the skulls and when they started looting the alcoves fiery eyes skulls flew at them cutting down several of their group in the first round.  The Gravedigger and Slave bashed 2 of the skulls before being chewed to death resulting in the only survivor of the kids group to go running out of the room with 5 skulls following.  At that point the kids had to leave and I sent them off with some folders and dice bags.  The rest of the group that didn’t head into one of the other hallways smashed the rest of the skulls with only a few bitten jugulars. Then I moved to the group to face Sssiissuurrrragg   of the 8 characters that entered the room only 3 made it out after facing the demon snake.  One particularly curious elf took the horn then sat in the Throne and gazed into the abyss after making a Nat20 Will save he was give some insight into the horn and its bond with Sssiissuurrrragg.  Finally, the last group that went to the gazing pool, lit a candle to get a better view of the water and crystals and were surrounded quickly by the crystalline creatures.  Sounds of fighting attracted the rest of the party and one Peasant had both his legs shattered by a blow from the crystalline creatures. They pried a few crystals from the pool and then headed down the staircase. A quick investigation of the table and shelves found the figurines. Then they faced the clay army. When the army started to move and attack a few of the characters noticed that some of the clay soldiers had dissolved from the water so they ran upstairs to try to break through the pool.  Others fought bravely and died quickly. After a couple of rounds one character decided to try taking out the warlord with a desperate leap and burning half his luck for hit and the other half from damage (14 luck points total) smashed the head of the warlord and stopped the clay army.  Of course, at thot moment the ceiling crashed in with the pool of water resulting in the death of the Cooper who was standing in the pool when it collapsed. A bit of searching located the secret door and led the group to the treasure room.  The elf who had the horn also took the book and crystal orb (I think he will be the party spellcaster in the future) The rest of the group split the treasure among themselves and the game ended on a high note and a lot of excitement.  TLDR; 10 Players 40 Characters 15 survivors 🙂20180222_173556


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