Doom of the Savage Kings

road crew

We started running Doom of the Savage Kings by Harley Stroh from Goodman Games, with a good sized crew of first level survivors from Portal Under the Stars. The party met the procession taking Morgan Haverson to the standing stones as a sacrifice to the Hound.  After asking for some divine inspiration they offered themselves as tribute to the hound. The Hound appeared expecting its normal easy sacrifice to be surprised by a band of heavily armed adventurers ready for it. They quickly dispatched the Hound and watched as the oily black mist drifted away.  After making their way to the town of Hirot they investigated the Jarl’s Hall, The Three Rats and The Wolf Spear. Learning many rumors and a tale of 3 thieves that went to the Serpent Mound but didn’t return. One character investigated the lockbox and another the Widows hut acquiring the rope after agreeing to wed the widow on his return.  The next day the lottery was begun again to try to appease the Hound that the Jarl knew would return that night. The party left for the serpent mound and unable to find a way to move the stone they searched and found the entrance the thieves had used. They made their way into the collapsed room and found the chest buried in the rubble and the lion shield inside. Moving on to the Sealed portal room they found the crawlspace and crawled to the room with the pillar the spear and shield just out of reach.   One of the fighters tried to climb the pillar toppling it and starting the collapse of the room. The rubble and falling debris took their toll as they tried to retrieve the spear and shield. The lone survivor made his way back to Hiro and was able to capture the hound and drag it back to Hirot. At daybreak the Hound dissolved into mist again with the town’s people gathered around. Today they were resolved to go and seek out the The Wolf-Spear of the Ulfheonar and put an end to this hound’s reign of terror.


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