Beware Dark Waters

I’ve had this idea for an anglerfish type monster that would lure people into the water and finally wrote it down. This is the first monster I have created and statted for DCC RPG

Drowning Man

Init +5 Atk “Bite” +3 (1D8 teeth) Tail thrash +1 (1d6) AC 13 HD 3d6

MV 50’ swim 10’ on land Act 1d20 SP Swallow Whole, SV Fort +2 Ref +1 Will +3 AL N

These massive fish live in dark deep lakes both on the surface or underground their large eyes let them see prey from a long distance away. They move slowly in the shallows looking like large boulders. They have a fleshy lure on their head that is in the shape of a human. When thrashed in the water, air and water moving mimic the sight and sound of a person struggling in the water. When a rescuer approaches and tries to assist the drowning man will strike lighting fast and with piercing teeth then to swallow the rescuer. If a rope is thrown and looped around the lure the fish will try to pull the thrower into the water (DC 10 Reflex Save) If several people have hold of the rope they can try to pull the fish from the water DC15 strength check. On land the Drowning Man will jump around on it’s powerful front fins attacking with bites and tail thrashes. If a bit attack is critical then the fish swallows the victim whole for 1D6 per round as they are squeezed and shredded by the powerful gut.


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