Striving for perfection

Long ago there the dwarven kingdom of Fullkomnun. They produced some of the finest architecture and stonework anywhere in the world, but for them it was never good enough. Of all the guilds Murstin were the best. Some were rumored to even have mastery over the living stone itself. Their obsession drove them to strive for perfection. Each work was more grand than the next, yet something was missing. They poured their lives into their work, until one day they were not heard from again. It is said their halls still stand glorious to behold, but deadly to enter. Tales of stone monsters wielding massive hammers attack any who dare to enter.

block dwarf2.pngMurstin dwarves

Init +0 Atk Hammer +5 (1D8 ) Chisel +3 thrown (1d6) AC 15 HD 4d6

MV 20’ Act 1d20 SP Immune to fire Turn to stone (grapple Fort Save DC10 over 1d4 rounds*) , SV Fort +5 Ref -1 Will +3 AL L

Murstin dwarves were once the finest builders and architects of this long dead dwarven civilization. They were so obsessed with their work that their obsession manifested itself when they themselves became part of the halls they so lovingly crafted.. They are still obsessed with perfection. They find any intrusion as an assault to that perfection and attack any that dare to intrude upon their halls. They are indistinguishable from blocks of stone intricately carved with lifelike features. Only a bit larger than normal dwarves they will attack in groups with stone hammers and chisels. After incapacitating any intruders they will proceed to inter them in the stone walls to preserve the perfection of the halls whether they are dead or not. Some of the old master stonemasons can turn a victim to stone on a successful grapple over 1D4 rounds.


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