The Borderlands,

An untamed wild region far flung from the comforts and protection of civilization. A lone fortified keep is the only bastion of Good desperately striving to maintain the forces of Chaos at bay. Evil is everywhere dark caves, fetid swamps and forlorn forests. Bands of cutthroat brigands and ruthless tribes of humanoids eager to clash with the forces of Good rove the region. The Borderlands hold many secret wondrous locations and opportunities for fame, prestige and fortune are plentiful. But equally abundant are the perils, risks, and challenges to those brave enough to explore the wilds.

As many players that want to play may sign up I will post rumors and other things that may be happening and the players can sign up if they want to be in the adventure

Starting Tuesday 8-4-2020 at 6pm

4-6 players

Discord channel for game

dndbeyond link :


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