The Journals of Daraken Shadewalker, Page 75….

I see that the Halfling Thief – or “Rogue” as he likes to call himself has found my journal. Not a surprise, the little one has no regard for personal belongings. I see he has scribbled in my journal that his name is “Sevyn” not “Seven.”

No matter what, there is one thing I know. I will never enjoy being underground. It’s like what the humans do when they die – putting their bodies in the ground. It’s like being in a vast coffin. There’s no sense of fresh air. No sky. No stars. No sun. No moon.

After dispatching with the Orc Tribal Leader, or whatever the bastard was – we were herding the human slaves onto the ship, when one of them caught my eye. The only one was wasn’t human. There was – what I first thought was an Elf – but upon closer examination, he’s not. He bares a strong resemblance to Elves – but he … feels different. He emanates magic – but not like a Mage or Wizard or Sorcerer – it’s actually a part of his being. Tarius Starwatcher, the Keeper of the Stars of my village called them ‘Star Children.’

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The Chronicles of Sevyn Thornpad – A Wishlist

Dear Halflingclause. I have been a good Halfling all year. I never once took food from children, left money just lying around on the ground or put anyone’s goods (other than mine) behind a locked door. I have held to all of the tenets set forth by my parents, I even decorated a little tree in the woods while I was supposed to be on watch. I light a candle every night that we don’t sleep underground with the smell of burning Orc flesh in my nostrils. So why haven’t you visited me in my sleep? You always left little trinkets under the tree or around the candle. Well in case momma didn’t tell you what I wanted here is the list:

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