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What is this ?

Posted: September 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Its like i keep wandering by randomly to this thing.   I swear i have great ideas and eventually I’ll write them down and not make more excuses like I’m too busy or too tired.  Anyways I have been having ideas about the content ‘m going to post.  So here goes a bit the first will be the evolution of an adventure I first tried out and ran recently at the weekly DCCRPG game.   The writing will be rough and sort of brainstormy but maybe it will get better ?


The seed drifts through the void.  Endless. Cold. Alone. Waiting. It passes near a planet again. It has passed this way countless times the warm sun caressing the seed.  The lush planet below tantalizingly close but forever out of reach.  After an age drifting this time something is different.   A shadow passes over the seed and it is plunged into frigid darkness, but something is different. It begins to awaken. The warm lush planet pulls it closer.

Something is different today.  Aubrey is not sure but the cow and chickens seem to be on edge today. The sky grows colder almost like dusk and the birds begin to sing yet Aubrey is not done with her morning chores.  Suddenly the hamlet is plunged into darkness.  She looks skyward and the sun has disappeared.  A black void surrounded by a wreath of fire is all that remains.  She is frozen in fear as a fireball streaks across the sky.




It has been a long time

Posted: August 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Wow it has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything.  Well i’m going to change that.  At this moment i’m not sure if i’m going to post more videos though I would like to. I am going to post more game related stuff. like RPG design and adventure stuff.

-have fun

The Force Awakens Review

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

In this new episode.  I review Star Wars the Force Awakens.  This episode is a bit longer.  I hope you enjoy.


Where does all the time go ?

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Where does all the time go?
I go online and look at twitter Facebook Google+ and really look at it.
On twitter I follow the likes of Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Leo Laporte and others, but why do I do this?  I don’t know them maybe it helps me pretend I may have some connection to these famous people. I enjoy thier work and I would like to know them they are probably genuinely nice people but I don’t know them personally and when I really think about it following them is a bit of hero worship.   I follow PC Gamer on Facebook and twitter but I don’t have enough time to actually read the magazine or even the articles that are linked on the social media. I listen to podcasts that make me envious of people who are able to do things I want to do and seem more informed and better about I enjoy playing PC games but I tend to play them
beyond the time I should be going to bed or trying to do them on the weekends while my son stares at a TV screen watching some kids show again.  I have been reading more lately and the books are awesome to read in the moments that I have. Then again is reading better than playing a great game or working on a project?  If I get frustrated that I don’t have the time to play all the new games coming out why do I listen to podcasts about gaming that feature all the new games?  I could play all the games I have and have either not played or only played a small amount of.  Will I get more out of touch with the current industry?   What about social media?  Why follow or friend people that I will never have much contact with?    Following famous
people may just be a way to feel like maybe since I know what they are doing I can feel a little famous too. Or maybe waiting for something to
happen but then again what relevance does that have to my life?   Maybe it would be better to find people to spend time with directly. One of those I hate Facebook but cannot quit using it.  Especially since it makes connecting with friends easier and arranging calendar things better.

What do I enjoy watching a good show, reading a good book, listening to music, playing games video and other, cooking a nice meal, fishing?  A lot of these things people say are bad for you sitting at a computer playing games is not good for you but why is sitting and reading a book better? Watching TV or Movies also at home it’s hard to dedicate time to. I think one of the small times when I really am able to relax and enjoy myself are at a movie in a theater probably because I know I will not be disturbed and am able to focus completely on the movie.  TV shows can be good and I’m not talking about reality crud.     Shows that are well written and really have a decent story are great to watch and I think they can be as good as any book.

 I do enjoy some exercise especially since I have lost some weight but I still do not understand what people mean when they look forward to their workouts it is still a chore to me especially when I feel like I have little time for other things that are probably worse for me just because
they are sedentary activities.  I want to be healthier and I’m glad I no longer require all the meds I needed before, but I still have trouble with
looking forward to exercise.  Though walking to the store and back is great but I feel rushed.  Walking around fishing is fun too but again there is always something looming that makes it hard to enjoy the moment so why do them if the time you do get for them can’t be enjoyed.    There are always more chores to do more things to arrange more projects to work on.  Adding skills and learning new things are probably some of the hardest things to make time for new skills need time to practice and taking slow time to really get good at something is hard to do.  Projects also are hard to make time for especially when it coincides with learning new skills. I recently read an article about priorities.   The things you prioritize more are the things you have time for or can make time for.  Here is the kicker though the stuff people say you should make priorities exercise, sleep, family, health are sometimes not the things you find enjoyable.  What if trying to force these things into being priorities cause more stress?  What if I want to just sit and enjoy a movie or sleep in a bit rather than working out?  How about writing or reading a book?  Is it worse to sit and watch a show with my son or work on a project that he cannot help on?  It may be that I need to work out a schedule such as making some days screen free no shows, no internet.  If I get bored there are books projects other stuff to do.  On that same vein however I need to make days that are scheduled to play some games or watch shows that are within reason. I think I am going to start using the social media stuff a bit less it’s nice to get updates on what is going on in the lives of friends and people I care about, but I think the celebrities and podcasts and other such I need to treatlike I do with the news.  I don’t really watch it does not add value to my life and just eats the time I could be using to do other things.  Also I think I’m going to update my status with real stuff more regularly or actually put more on my blog.   That way the people I care about will be able to see what is going on with me and hopefully I will be able to see what goes on with them.  I’m not actually sure if this is a rant or some sort of wild introspection or what so I hope I did not offend anyone. I also know there is alot of me me me in this post.  I just get tired trying to figure out what will make me happy or chasing things that other people say should make me happy.

Today was one of my gamer friend Damion’s birthday so i had him roll iniitative and this is what happened 🙂 

Mario: Happy b-day … roll initiative

Damion:  Two hits for a total of six Or Twelve

Mario A band of 3 human bandits catch sevyn in the alleyway relieving himself alone. The rest of the party are drinking in the tavern around the corner in Kings End they get , 8 ,10 and ,14 the first one tries to grab you from behind and rolls a 6 you deflty duck out of the way while fastening your pants the other 2 draw daggers

Damion :  ‎”A thief has honor, an assassin is silent death, a cut purse who assaults is an honor less pig” I draw my blade and trick strike the one who just attacked me. 22 vs ac.

Mario: The unarmed bandit stumbles into the wall off balance falling into a pile of refuse. He clutches his arm where your blade sliced through his shirt and coat and yells “Get that runt.” The first one a large cretin with a broken toothed smile lunges forward trying to trap you between the wall and himself. Lunging with the rusty old dagger in his hand the blade whistles near your ear but misses. The other tries to circle around the other side and slashes as well only scraping the wall sending dust and dirt into your hair.

Mario The first one regains his balance and brushed the filth from his coat. Flexing his injured arm he looks at you and says” you are gonna pay for that runt we just wanted yer gold now you ain’t gonna walk out of here.” His huge fist strikes out like a hammer and connects with your head stars flash before your eyes for an instant. (nat 20)

Damion: Sevyn goes limp and fakes unconsciousness (bluff 17 + 5)

Mario : ‎”Hah now we got ‘im” as the leader grabs for Sevyn’s blade. The other two stand back excited to find out what their cut is. 

Mario : Pulling the blade free of Sevyn’s hand the leader kicks the limp halfling in the ribs “serves yah right this was my best shirt and now you got blood on it”

Mario: I bluff a fake coming to and try to “groggily” stand up. First I sleight of hand a dagger from his belt. (28, I rolled a nine) and see if I can continue the just waking up ruse (bluff 32 I rolled a sixteen)

Mario : ‎”Ooo he’s gonna be a tough guy. Should have stayed down chum” the leader says a bit wobbly the red stain on his arm spreading ” come on Manx we gotto go!” The third bandit said nervously. Clumsily slashing with the stolen blade Manx lunges 15 vs ac

Damion Miss, I bluff and steal my dagger back, (29 bluff and 34 sleight oh hand)

Mario The now unarmed Manx looks bewildered “how did you …bah think you’re clever do yah.” Swings at Sevyn 2 vs ac

Mario : Manx has got to go and the brute is going to be too big for me to train. I engage the brute and use my daggers power of getting one free advantageous strike per day. Backstab at big grunt guy. 27 vs ac. 15 points of damage. If grunt didnt go down i feel surrounded. ” hey kid I need someone to lug my shit around. 1 gold a week an ill teach you some finesse” I say to the third guy.

Mario: The brute’s eyes go wide as the dagger slides between his ribs. He is dead before he hits the ground. Manx stumbles and falls to the ground breathing heavily he looks from you to the brute and to the young bandit. “Get him Shift he can’t do this to us.” Shift looks at the brute then Manx then Sevyn. Then sheathes his dagger and kicks Manx down “sounds like a good deal when can I start ?”

Damion :”get paid and trained or get dead real quick…” deep cut daily power on Manx 17vs fortitude. 8 points of damage ongoing seven per round save ends.). “….your choice.” I turn on Shift.

Mario ‎”I will learn what you will teach, I can get rid of these for you ” gesturing to the bodies we had to get rid of others when George would get too excited . Did you mean what you said a thief has honor? Manx never did.” Sevyn leaves Shift , his new pupil, to dispose of the bodies. Rubbing the growing red spot on his cheek where he got hit and brushing the dirt from his hair and clothes. He goes back to the tavern. When the door of the tavern opens Buri, Ajax, Daraken, Fen, Victor and Molly holding a huge cake burning bright with candles all raise their glasses yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Though all get a strange look on Their faces at the state of Sevyn’s clothing and face. “Wow must’ve been some pee” laughs Fen as he downs his beer.

Comicon 2012 pictures

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Had alot of fun at comicon some of the pics

New Design

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Well the hosting provider has updated thier software so i’m giving it a good go maybe i’ll even post more often 🙂

So here goes any feedback would be kewl