So Retro!!

I got a SNES Classic Edition today !!! woot i planned better and didn’t miss it by 2 people in line ahead of me this time like the NES classic.   I sat dow to play a couple games and wow they were stisfying.   The hardware is super tiny very light but still great.  The cords […]

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This one is a bit abstract.

I’m honestly trying to get into the habit of wirtiing posts again.  I didn’t prep anything to add to the adventure post from last time but I will i swear.   Though in gaming i have been sort of obsessed with abstract strategy games like Tak, Onitama and Santorini.  Tak I is based on a game […]

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What is this ?

Its like i keep wandering by randomly to this thing.   I swear i have great ideas and eventually I’ll write them down and not make more excuses like I’m too busy or too tired.  Anyways I have been having ideas about the content ‘m going to post.  So here goes a bit the first will […]

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It has been a long time

Wow it has been a really long time since I’ve posted anything.  Well i’m going to change that.  At this moment i’m not sure if i’m going to post more videos though I would like to. I am going to post more game related stuff. like RPG design and adventure stuff. -have fun

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Where does all the time go ?

Where does all the time go? I go online and look at twitter Facebook Google+ and really look at it. On twitter I follow the likes of Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Leo Laporte and others, but why do I do this?  I don’t know them maybe it helps me pretend I may have some connection to these famous people. I enjoy thier work and […]

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Happy Gamer b-day to Damion:)

Today was one of my gamer friend Damion’s birthday so i had him roll iniitative and this is what happened 🙂  Mario: Happy b-day … roll initiative Damion:  Two hits for a total of six Or Twelve Mario A band of 3 human bandits catch sevyn in the alleyway relieving himself alone. The rest of the party are […]

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New Design

Well the hosting provider has updated thier software so i’m giving it a good go maybe i’ll even post more often 🙂 So here goes any feedback would be kewl 

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Ok i’m back

Ok after a loong break from posting i’m back  I’m going to try to do 3 posts a week monday wednesday and friday.     time to break up some of this reality 🙂      …. yah that was silly 

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