A look at Blizzard Future?

So here is the scenario. Oct 2011 Blizzard Grabs up a ton of Annual Passes say 10% of their current subscription base, and entices a good amount of users back and signing them up for 1 year no matter what. Jan 2012 Diablo 3 comes out everyone jumps in.  Due to annual passes none of the annual pass […]

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World of Darkness MMO ?

PC Gamer as an article about CCP doing World of Darkness MMO.  Ohh this looks very kewl.  It would be nice if they had the proper trailer on youtube or thier website but either way a World of Darkness MMO might be alot of fun.  How i wonder if it will be just vampires or […]

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Portal for Free until Sept 20

This article from Rock, Paper, Shotgun Is saying valve is giving away Portal for free.  While most people already own it via red box or just buying it stand alone it was a great value when i bought it way back when it first came out on the orange box.  Apparently its part of a games […]

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