Nostalgia dragons

 I watched the classic Rankin/Bass movie flight of dragons the other day.   I had completely forgotten this classic.  It was a fun journey revisiting it.  The cast was amazing.  I was telling my wife, “Hey it’s Colonel Potter!” When hearing Harry Morgan as the green Wizard Carolinus.  John Ritter and James Earl Jones were great too.  […]

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I drew a thing

I was doodling and ended up drawing a thing… looks like an interesting ending either the guy is going to have a bad time or an epic calamari dinner..  I do scribble drawings on occasion. Sometimes they come out into something interesting but i’m horrible at drawing people so usually they have to be on […]

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Sunken Tower

I had been thinking about this a long time a ruined tower.  Though Instead of it reaching into the sky and slowly crumbling this one had been sunk into the ground with only the very top showing.  How did it get there ?  Was it struck down by a giant or displeased god ? Did […]

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Sleep is for the weak …

Ok fine so i’m weak heheheh i needs me sleep so this will be short.  I swear i’ll put more adventure stuff up this is a terrible RPG blog since I’ve only posted one RPG bit in it… I am a master procrastinator ..   BTW finally saw Star Trek Discovery and its pretty good though […]

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So Retro!!

I got a SNES Classic Edition today !!! woot i planned better and didn’t miss it by 2 people in line ahead of me this time like the NES classic.   I sat dow to play a couple games and wow they were stisfying.   The hardware is super tiny very light but still great.  The cords […]

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This one is a bit abstract.

I’m honestly trying to get into the habit of wirtiing posts again.  I didn’t prep anything to add to the adventure post from last time but I will i swear.   Though in gaming i have been sort of obsessed with abstract strategy games like Tak, Onitama and Santorini.  Tak I is based on a game […]

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What is this ?

Its like i keep wandering by randomly to this thing.   I swear i have great ideas and eventually I’ll write them down and not make more excuses like I’m too busy or too tired.  Anyways I have been having ideas about the content ‘m going to post.  So here goes a bit the first will […]

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