Jet Brothers

Once there were 2 Jet Brothers and they loved flying super fast.  So fast the would fly faster than the speed of sound and make sonic booms.   They both loved to hear the crack-BOOOM.   The only problem was the people living nearby would wake up or jump when they heard the BOOM.  They […]

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The games are back on :)

The Bi-weekly D&D games are back on and you knwo what that means some great writing here are journal entried by Tawmis of Neverending Nights and Colleen of Wyngdlyon Creations  The Journals of Morobunce Greenhills, Page 42 Journal of Kalamitee Wolfsmoon, page 32.

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Grandfather’s Tale

The old man puffed on his pipe, thick smoke encircling his bald and wrinkled head.  Rain beat steadily on the roof and windows.  “Thank you Sally,”   he said as the serving girl brought him another mug of ale.  “Of course grandfather,” she smiled as she pulled his blanket tight over his shoulders again and took his […]

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A Halloween Bedtime Story

A long time ago there was a man name Jack who was being scared by ghosts. They would come to his door and knock-knock. When Jack opened the door they would yell “Boo!” Jack would scream and hide under his bed. The ghosts would laugh and laugh.  One Halloween Jack found a nice big round […]

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The Chomp

There once was a superhero named the Chomp. He had a very large mouth and big teeth that were perfect for chomping. One day there was an apple pie eating contest in the town The Chomp was from with the winner to be crowned king of the apple festival.  Suddenly, an alien ship came out […]

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What do I do now?  What have I done? They were only delivering supplies.   Why did they do that?  For days the madness had been creeping through the station.  These aliens with their soft pink forms, so susceptible to sickness. I was hoping to try to understand their people.   Though I fear that may never […]

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Once there was a clockwork robot named Tick-Tock and his job was to go around the town fixing and winding all the clocks. He would get up very early and wind all the clocks in town so everyone could get up on time and go to school and work.  He went about his work every […]

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Shadowrun Journals

My bi-weekly gaming group has been playing shadowrun for the last couple of sessions.  In between sessions myself and some of the other players like to fill in some of the role playing with some creative writing.  These are the journals of my charachter Shanka Duvalier aka Doctor Blue.  He is a Troll Shaman that […]

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